Website Support & Maintenance

Have a site but dont know how or have the time to maintain it yourself? We can do that.

Web maintenance is all about maintaining your website content for updates and up-keeping the server your site is running on. We realize that you might not understand how the web works. That is why we are here to help.

 Get in touch with us so we can start maintaining your site!

Site Maintenance Packages

Depending on the type of your site, there are a couple of ways we can setup your site update frequency. First, do a self-evaluation of what you will need updated on your site on a regular basis. Figuring this out will help you decide what package to choose. Here are our web support package options:

Single Site Update

Monthly Maintenance


Our Expertise

There are a lot of different languages and technologies that make the web work these days. We are adaptable to all types of web languages. So even if you are not hosting with us, we can still update your site as long as you want us to. Here are some of the areas we specialize in:


Page Content Updates

Banner Ad Creations

eCommerce Product Additions

WordPress Updates and Maintenance