About Us

We the most affordable services available in the market today without sacrificing the quality of service

The Company

Primeware provides affordable Internet based services including but not limited to website design, application development, website maintenance, hosting and marketing for companies looking to increase productivity. Primeware Internet specialists have years of experience dealing with different aspects of Internet design and management. We are located in in Cleveland, Ohio.

Primeware provides our clients with exposure and productivity by incorporating our extensive knowledge of web site design, management, advertising and marketing. We strive to assist companies grow with the ever increasing world of technology in order for them to continue to be successful. All of our services are provided at the most competitive price possible. We provide our clients with information technology for the next generation.

How We Do Things

Creating websites and the such can be fun for us but you might not have any idea what goes on behind the scenes. You might be asking yourself:

  • “Why is it taking so long?”
  • “Why does this cost so much money?”
  • “Don’t you guys just drag and drop to make a website?”

Don’t worry. You are not the first to think that either. We want to show you our process of relaying our progress with you.


Basic Project Process

  • Step One: Talking with you and finding out your project requirements
  • Step Two: We will send you a quote
  • Step Three: If you approve the quote, we will start the project (Design or Development)
  • Step Four: We will send you a link to a special client section where you can view the progress of the project
  • Step Five: Once the project has been tested and you give the go ahead of completion, IT’S TIME TO GO LIVE!

Note that Step Three might be different due to the fact that Design and Development projects may vary in difference. We’ll get in to that later.