Web Design

We design beautiful templates and layouts that are both easy to navigate and customized to your purpose

responsive-design-primewareWhen most people look at websites, they notice the design first and foremost. This is they key factor in whether your site will deliver or not. Within a few seconds of visiting your site, visitors will decide to move on or continue to browse your site. We want the latter. This is why we view design as the most important aspect on the web.

If you have any doubts about our design capabilities, check out our stunning portfolio!

Basic Project Process

  • Step One: Talking with you and finding out your project requirements
  • Step Two: We will send you a quote
  • Step Three: If you approve the quote, we will start the project (Design or Development)
  • Step Four: We will send you a link to a special client section where you can view the progress of the project
  • Step Five: Once the project has been tested and you give the go ahead of completion, IT’S TIME TO GO LIVE!

Note that Step Three might be different due to the fact that Design and Development projects may vary in difference. We’ll get in to that later.

Web Browser Compatibility

We take browser compatibility seriously. We know this is important when creating a website because anybody could be using any browser at any time. When your website is not displaying right, it effects your business and we understand that.

Having a website on the web without a marketing presence is suicide

Marketing your website is the only way for the web to know your site exists.

Site Identity

Looking for a look? Look no further! Our marketing designers can create a logo, business cards, letterheads, generally a complete company branding for your corporate identity for the web or for print. When we deal with you on personal level, we get to know you and can create the best look that is you. Every aspect of your branding goes into deep consideration because we realize that the world will be viewing you through this identity.

Our services include:

Logo Design

Business Cards

Newsletter Designs




Site Coding

The 1990’s were a great decade for the advancement of technology. The World Wide Web was blooming and the internet popularity was growing to unimaginable portions. If you had a website then, you were way ahead of the game. It didn’t matter how it was made, what kind of information was on it, or how fancy it was – It was on the web and it was AWESOME!

Today, if you don’t have a website, you are an old-fashioned nobody living in the past before computers. Now it matters what information your site reveals due to internet monsters like Google and Yahoo! which can make your business flourish from zero to hero. Also, there are web standards which every website should be created by. Wonder why you don’t see sites created back in the 1990’s hitting top search results? Search Engines look for many things when searching for a site – web standards are a key ingredient. We make sure everything that gets pushed to the web is web standards compliant.